Getting Florida Quad Riders Back To Where It Should Be


Florida Quad Riders .com is currently in the process of being updated.

The software that ran the site had slowly become outdated and non functional. Rather than trying to fix it, the site is getting a complete overhaul. Since you are reading this, part of the work has been done (obviously). ;)

Current work is being focussed on getting old content moved over, tuning the layout , working on functionality and new content.

How To "Break" a Chain

For anyone that owns a chain and sprocket driven ATV, Motorcycle, Quad or whatever, it’s only a matter of time until the chain needs to be replaced or removed. Factory chain’s rarely have master links and replacement chains usually need links removed to fit. Below is a simple way to remove links or separate a chain without a chain breaker.

When a chain is assembled the ends of the pins are mushroomed (stamped) to hold the plates and keep the links together. Basically all that needs to be done to get the chain apart is get rid of the mushroomed portion of the pins.

The first picture shows the plate and the pins. You can see how the ends of the pins are...